Veneer No 7– Stand Up Comedy


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Veneer No 7

Veneer (or, alternately, Ve) is cultural critique via gesture, phenomena, documentation, and detritus. It's also the arithmetic of print and its possibilities, with an emphasis on technical minutia stretched to the edge of absurdity as its epistemological approach. Every issue holds secrets and gifts to the reader; cards, photos, posters, confessions. It will make you ask "why should I care?" And then you keep reading, because if you didn't care, you wouldn't care. This is tight stuff—freewheeling discipline that made an object worth keeping, and further evidence that intellectual curiosity will always always take you places you never thought relevant or possible. Quarterly.

About touch, and being bound. Reiki, laundry laborers, Esperanto, instructions for putting things together, an entire section in Braille that's shockingly meditative (for non-Braille readers), Manganese significance for humanity across the ages, graphs and symbols and sets - they touch, too. There's magnet in this one. Edition of 1000.

Price: $20