Veneer No 10– Stand Up Comedy


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Veneer No 10

Veneer (or, alternately, Ve) is cultural critique via gesture, phenomena, documentation, and detritus. It's also the arithmetic of print and its possibilities, with an emphasis on technical minutia stretched to the edge of absurdity as its epistemological approach. Every issue holds secrets and gifts to the reader; cards, photos, posters, confessions. It will make you ask "why should I care?" And then you keep reading, because if you didn't care, you wouldn't care. This is tight stuff—freewheeling discipline that made an object worth keeping, and further evidence that intellectual curiosity will always always take you places you never thought relevant or possible. Quarterly.

It’s about currencies, and has a tone-on-tone, letterpressed cover that works so well with the season’s neutrals, but is pretty difficult to make out. But once you concentrate hard enough, it rolls into the contents inside, anyway, so you’re safe. With Perry I-Pei Tsao (flywheels, high energy rotational systems and storage), His Excellency the Governor General in Council (Canadian Loonie and Toonie coins), Lvcoyote (hardware reviews by this guy who is an expert in such things and works in IT for a school district), F. J. Vine & Dr. D. H. Matthews (magnetic anomalies in ocean ridges), The Great Central U.S. Shake Out (earthquakes and how to react to them), Otto Hadac (complicated chemistry analasys broken out in simple to read diagrams and charts that talk about a different kind of wave), Martin Khout, Igor Schreiber, Milos Marek & Milan Kubicek, Diane Body Schultz & Philip Dikeman (flute competitions), Gisle Fosse (enamel density), Geoff Haskey, John F. Wilder, Judit Polgar vs. Viswanathan Anand (with letterpressed visualizations of their chess boards in a rapid matchup), Barry Loberfeld, Franz Von Stuck, Jeanne d’ Arc. Edition of 1000.

Price: $20