The Social Life of the Book #4: Kinesics of the Page– Stand Up Comedy


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The Social Life of the Book #4: Kinesics of the Page

Established by the Parisian gallery castillo/corrales (FR) as a way to explore further the varied practices of the persons with whom they work, Paraguay Press's titles are published in small editions and often defy the expectation of what an artist book, monograph, or essay should be. The organizers work closely with the authors, sometimes in conjunction with exhibitions, sometimes as wholly separate entities that stand alone as works that take print forms.

Direct from Paraguay:
"...a co-operatively run, independent art publishing company, managed by the group of artists, writers and curators behind castillo/corrales and section 7 reclaim control of the means of creation, production and distribution of the books in which their work appear...all depart from an understanding of the space of the book, considered not as a medium of documentation nor a vector of promotion, but as an act of translation and the extension of artistic, critical and curatorial thinking into a graphic, mobile, democratic and durable form."

The first in an on-going series, The Social Life... is a publication of original texts by writers, artists, publishers, designers, and booksellers, focused on each's relationship to books. This fourth installment is by the critic and historian Avigail Moss. Each installment is comprised of a saddle-stitched signature; the entire 12-volume series will be hand-bound into a 192-page edition. For subscription information, please visit castillo/corrales. Edition of 1000. Design by Will Holder.

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