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The George Kuchar Reader

The only comprehensive look at the legendary filmmaker's works. George Kuchar (1942-2011) was one of those directors that had an extraordinary memory for film history, the formalities, banalities, inanities, toiletries, specialties, and especially the ladies. He loved the ladies. He used that knowledge to make films that both subverted and celebrated the form.

A known eccentric, he was also a genius; the ways he approached storytelling and why he wanted to tell those stories, all came from a deeply personal place. Many-layered, and complex in a way that defies all expectations —even within an experimental genre—Kuchar's process could also be looked at as very straightforward. He had an idea, and set about making it happen with whatever means were available. 

This book contains detailed notes on his huge repertoire, but also the really interesting stuff, like personal letters, photos, recommendation letters (you WISH someone would write one like this for you), and much more. It's a great tribute to a man that touched so many students, filmmakers, and artists, but hasn't really been given his due until now.

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