Anne-mie Van Kerckhoven: Serving Compressed Energy With Vacuum– Stand Up Comedy


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Serving Compressed Energy With Vacuum

Published in conjunction with an exhibition at Kunstverein München, this catalogue is presented as an integral part of the show, augmenting it through the presentation of subjects, aspects, and themes which are better suited to the printed medium or demand another kind of involvement. Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven’s works involve painting, drawing, digital media, and video, and reflect her fascination from a female point of view with the representation of women in mass media, the connections between sex and technology, different knowledge systems, and the unconscious. Besides numerous works, projects, and images, the book includes insightful explanations by the artist.

Please read more about the artist's show AMVK (castillo/corrales, Paris, FR, Sept 2015), organized by Yale Union (Portland, OR).

Text courtesy Idea Books

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