Specter Press: Sasa [44] Annual Report 2012– Stand Up Comedy


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Sasa [44] Annual Report 2012

Specter Press makes and publishes books on, for, and by artists. Designers Sulki and Min Choi have managed to retain an aura of mystery, balancing institutional work with more elusive projects. File under: Puzzling, South Korea, Impossible To Find, Rare, Making You Cry.

The Korea-based conceptual artist compiles annual reports of his activities, purchases, and general living. An on-going archival project that takes a different form in each volume. He didn't eat/spend as much this year. What might we glean from the paucity of receipts, and from the blurred type throughout? (No, you're not imagining that the thing is soft and impossible to see in these images. Also in real life, not as bad, but it's blurry.) One way of looking at what makes up a life. Edition of 100.


Price: $9