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Prism of Reality, Issue Number 3

Prism of Reality, a publication about art—how its made, who makes it, how its read, why its made—in a concise, but in-depth format of two essays, two conversations, and four artist-written reviews. 

With Lucy Lord Campana on collecting the future; Christopher Carlton on reading John Kelsey's junk mail; and Rasmus Roehling on the physical impossibility of the broad in the mind of someone living. Reviews by Travis Diehl, Steve Kado, Candice Lin, Kevin Rodgers, Ken Tam, Keith J. Varadi on Joshua Oppenheimer, Pierre Huyghe, Gala Porras-Kim, Cynthia Girard, Chris Burden, Mike Kelley, Jason Rhoades, Samara Golden. Letterpressed cover. 


Price: $15