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Morgan Fisher (CA) is a filmmaker and visual artist. His body of work has dismantled the process and artifice of filmmaking, even as it further presents avenues for critical dialogue around the avant-garde and conceptual histories of visual representation. His concerns have followed the changing trajectory of culture, as the medium shifts, and as new forms of language and expression become prominent. But always with a logic behind the exposition - whether through self-imposed (or not) rules, the uses of technology, and the limits of the vehicle. There is perhaps no filmmaker that better elucidates the imperative of medium as content and content as medium. But with such a sense of irascible pleasure, too. No tone of pedantry, only a kind of joy one gets from a set of instructions well given and gladly followed.

For further exposition, and insight into style, see Yale Union's (Portland, OR) program Andersen & Fisher (strictly on the filmic works of Fisher and Thom Andersen).

Writings is Fisher's work from 1975 to the present, on his own films, paintings, the work of others (Carl Andre, Andy Warhol, Blinky Palermo, Ad Reinhardt, Edgar G. Ulmer, Alfred Hitchcock), transcripts, and narrations. With a highly detailed bibliography 1969-2012 and biography 1974-present. 

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