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Bless/Stand Up Comedy Demimoore Bag, Jeansmelange

A collaboration with Stand Up Comedy as part of its No. 46 Contemporary Remediation collection. Inspired by the stellar costume design in Adrian Lyne's Indecent Proposal (1993), specifically the iconic bag/pack worn by Demi Moore. It is only through the production of this piece that our near life-long, and thoroughly unhealthy obsession with the original, has ceased. Thank you, BLESS!

This bag is something of a cross between apron, backpack, and utility vest. Adjustable canvas straps, large, lined, double pockets—separate interior and exterior, Riri zips. Its success lies in the balance—literally, as an object that distributes weight and proportion with perfect harmony; conceptually, as a commodity that appears both useless and useful, is fanciful and practical, that reflects both a nostalgic moment and an innovative hypothesis. Unisex.

Designer: BLESS
Price: $575