Blanket Coat

Wear this classic for a lifetime. Wear it over everything. Wrap it or belt it or drape it. Black wool flannel, reversible to navy french twill. Shawl collar, kimono sleeves. Big. The best. One size.

Pearlpad Sweater

Crewneck sweater in a warm knit, with wooden beads for elbow patches. Funny one. Unisex.

Stand Up Comedy has MOVED.

Sidestripes Jeans, 34

BLESS customizes the classic Levi's 501 with colored stripes, custom washes, and their signature grommet. No two pairs alike. Unisex.

Waist = 34"
Rise = 11"
Inseam = 34"
Outerseam = 45"


Circular Patterned Dress
336.00 480.00

Lighter colors can be difficult, but this linen offers a textural component that grounds the length of the dress. Again, it's the small details - the V-snap closure in back, the gathers at the banded wrist, the luxurious feel of the circle.

NEW LOCATION, DOWNTOWN (open end of October):
511 SW Broadway
Portland, OR 97205

Ultrawidepleated Pant

In a premium wool, with tiny multi-pleat front. A wide-legged fall pant with great weight and drape. Not heavy, but substantial. Side, rear pockets. Hem them to length. Unisex. 

Basic Shirt

The easy button down in a new fabric—champagne silk noil, a slightly nubby texture that gives it more dimension and a great weight.

Here's the Google map, which keeps showing the wrong address. But it does show the big granite facade nicely.

Taper Coat

Warm, soft, in a classic oversized shape that works on all. Seamless front pockets, with slim shawl collar/lapels.

Wrap Top

In a mercerised rayon jersey cuddledud-type fabric, with a boat neck and attached piece designed to wrap around the waist twice.


In the meantime, keep visiting us here online for the latest arrivals, or call 503 233 3382 for private appointments in a really bizarre temporary space.

Fake Jeans

Pretty incredible, definitely nuts, and surprisingly demure. A trompe l'oeil of the classic Levis 501, made into a pair of velvet pants. Elastic waist, fake button fly. Shockingly realistic. One size.

Bucket Bag, Calf, Blu/Blu

Adjustable shoulder strap, long enough for cross body wear. Includes detachable wallet. Structured calf leather with duplicate interior, small gold embossed logo. 12.25" h x 10" w x 6" d.

Some things the same, some things new, still in pieces, different from a succession of seasonal collections, a structure to express something personal. 

A-Line Tunic
266.00 380.00

Collarless, with a modest neckline, hidden buttons, two front pockets. 

Lapel Shirt
284.00 405.00

In a seersucker textile, it's a nice change up for summer black, summer silk. Hidden buttons, signature pocket detail. Unisex.

We'll be in the Morgan's Alley building, which was once the historic retail center of the city. It's no longer that...

Everything Button Up w/Collar, Patchwork Denim

The new take. It's a dress or a top, with coconut buttons and collar added. Two front pockets and rear panel detail. Unisex.

Circle Tunic with Square Pocket

It can be be worn as a top or a dress, with one large square pocket up front. It makes sculptural shapes depending on where your arms lie. Unisex.

...but it remains the psychic and physical stalwart of a city. A walkway of the everyday, Broadways in cities all over are what they are, and do what they do.

Baggy Pant

Loose pant with tapered ankle, great weight, elastic waist, side pockets with subtle contrast navy trim.

Demimoore Bag

A collaboration with Stand Up Comedy as part of its No. 46 Contemporary Remediation collection. Inspired by the stellar costume design in Adrian Lyne's Indecent Proposal (1993), specifically the iconic bag/pack worn by Demi Moore. It is only through the production of this piece that our near life-long, and thoroughly unhealthy obsession with the original, has ceased. Thank you, BLESS!


This bag is something of a cross between apron, backpack, and utility vest. Adjustable canvas straps, large, lined, double pockets—separate interior and exterior, Riri zips. Its success lies in the balance—literally, as an object that distributes weight and proportion with perfect harmony; conceptually, as a commodity that appears both useless and useful, is fanciful and practical, that reflects both a nostalgic moment and an innovative hypothesis. Unisex.

The lovely neighbors: Derek's Shoe Repair (inside the Alley), Pazzoria's little coffee window, Nordstrom (for its gracious bathroom), 

Split Knee Cuff Short

Pinstripe cotton canvas shorts with split knee details. Elastic waist, one rear pocket. Unisex.

0 = XS
1 = S
2 = M
3 = L

and the maker of the greatest The New Yorker ad of all-time, John Helmer Haberdasher

Troy, Black Crinkle Patent

Perfect Chelsea boot. Crinkle finish patent leather.

Serge, Black Patent

Very fly slip on loafer.

A friend disclosed her approach to dressing. A scarecrow was invoked. That's fair. 


Form fit like a ballet shoe, in a soft, pliable calf. 1.5" heel.

Unisex Sneakers

Unisex high-tops in their hand painted watercolor print.

Newbridge, Bayonne, Philly Boy Roy, Jimmy Crespo, Zodiac Killer, Chi-ku, Vance, Gary the Squirrel, FoT,  Massa's Tavern, AP Mike, WURSTER, SCHARPLING

Cut Out Wedge
238.00 475.00

With the same modest body as the Glove, but an added heel. And not just any heel, one that creates the suggestion of a skeleton; the body of a shoe, the very elegant bones. Leather covered 2" heel. NB: These shoes run one size large, so order accordingly, ie. if you usually wear a size 37, order the 36, etc.


These aren't just amazingly produced, deceptively simple, super beautiful shoes. They're sculptures. Hand-carved sole, custom cast, velcro straps. Unisex. 


Troy, Cobalt Blue

Perfect Chelsea boot. Matte blue leather.

Minimalist Visor

Visor with three size settings (snaps) in a substantial Latigo leather. Unisex.

"...the aspirations and ideals of our group—feminism, separatist resistance, the fight against authoritarianism and personality cults..." (Pussy Riot, LA Times, 2014)

Sling Ring, Rock Crystal

Dual rock crystal on 925 sterling silver. 

Double Opis Cuff w/Nipples

Brass cuff, double breasted. But subtly so.

Valve Ring, Style A

One piece, but with a stacked look. Very good in multiples. 1" long.

Moonstone Pin

The elements are rainbow moonstone, quartz, kid skin, calf skin. The tiny antique glass seed beads date from the 1800s and are woven with a peyote stitch. Silver-plated brass pin. Unisex. 

Pin = 2.5" wide
Stone = 2" wide
Brooch = 4" long




Flatshapes Necklace

Cast brass beads and flat shapes, hand placed. 21" long laid out; 10" long as worn.

Goucho Necklace

Tubular sterling silver chain, silver end caps, moveable charm. 11.25" long.

Tech spec: “Unfortunately, this is an advanced modification and we're unable to offer assistance with this setup, or any third-party code modification or addition.”

Kawaii Standard Bag, Bamboo

Daughter to the Standard 24 Hour, sized slightly down. Removable, adjustable shoulder strap, interior pocket, two exterior end pockets. Unlined. 11.75" w x 9.25" h x 6" d; 4" handle drop.

Cover Clutch, Concrete

This simple bag is finished and polished to a minimalist perfection. May be worn as a shoulder bag, or used as a clutch; the strap is completely removable. Two pouch pockets and one additional large pocket with hidden zipper closure. Seamless magnetic closures for security. Adjustable strap is long enough to wear cross-body. 10.75" w x 7.25" h. 

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Sling Ring No. 2, Onyx and Silver

Black onyx, matte silver ring. Though black and "white," it's not austere. It has a beautiful humor along with its striking profile.

Voel Earrings

Highly polished, perfectly balanced cylinders in two different gauges. Sterling silver post/back. 1.75" long.

...tossed salad and scrambled eggs.