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All Distinctions Are Mind, By Mind, Of Mind (No Distinctions No Mind To Distinguish), Spring 2014

"Words, Don't come easy"

That's the essence of F.R.David. In an exceedingly verbal world with very little discernible point to all the talk, the journal adds its own distinctive, (un)welcome? take on the written word as dual companion and servant to the visual. Composed primarily of found texts but original contextualization, it turns words on a flat plane into a kind of trompe l'oeil. Who is in service to whom? What is writing now in contemporary art practice? Its sense of humor and nose for the absurd disguises but very much enhances its ultimately critical analysis of a vital format. Designed by Will Holder, published 2x per year by de Appel Arts Centre (NL).

With John Latham, Kendra Sullivan, Robert Ashley, Charles Olson, Shane Krepakevich, Ricardo Basbaum, Rebecca Wilcox & Sarah Rose, Michael Gazzaniga, Ken Jacobs, David Kindersley, Marina Vishmidt, Rosmarie Waldrop, Tony Kushner, Velimir Khlebnikov, Abra Ancliffe, Ezra Pound, John Kelsey, Sergei Tret'iakov, William Gaddis. Edition of 1500. 

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